Energy Law

Energy Law

Energy Law

Energy Law

The Energy industry has been a hotbed of complexity - all lit up as the world clamors for dwindling resources, new technologies and adapting to the effects of environmental concerns while attempting to meet increasing demand. In essence, the health of our economy is directly linked to the security of our energy supply.

Canada’s rich legacy of natural resources is matched by our country’s ability to keep pace with global innovations in renewable power, nuclear and alternative energies - yet to remain on course and to remain competitive, governments, oil, gas, hydro producers, manufacturers and suppliers are reliant on sound legal advice to anticipate global demand and more stringent regulations. Compound this with the increasing number of energy-related businesses which are vital to delivery of these services and you have an idea of the scope and depth of potential pitfalls that await the uninformed and ill-prepared.

Gardiner Roberts’ Energy specialists rely on the resources of a multi-disciplinary, one-team approach to analyze the bigger picture, incorporating such areas as corporate, commercial, finance, regulatory, tax, construction and dispute resolution. This results in the creation of all-inclusive legal strategies with the ability to anticipate change while remaining responsive to the day-to-day fluctuations that dominate the industry.

Members of Gardiner Robert's Energy team have a thorough understanding of the economic, political and legal issues pervading today's complex and dynamic energy markets and have actively participated in the electricity and natural gas markets, advising clients on licensing, rate setting, compliance and approval matters, structuring transactions, sales and financings. Members of our Energy team have appeared before federal and provincial regulatory tribunals and attended court on matters relating to both natural gas and electricity.

Services provided by members of our Energy team include:

  • Acquisitions, sales and financings
  • Construction, permitting and commercial operation of energy projects
  • Environment issues
  • Litigation and alternative dispute resolution
  • Privatization
  • Regulatory matters
  • Advising on laws, regulations and rules governing the energy sector and energy markets
  • Acting on behalf of promoters, financial institutions, builders, suppliers, professionals and governments or public agencies in connection with the financing, construction and operation of energy projects­­­­­
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