15 Aug

Where will marijuana laws end up?

Tuesday, August 15, 2017Stephen A. ThieleLitigationGeneral Interest, Marijuana, Ontario, Mental Health

As Canada prepares to legalize marijuana next July, questions remain about the restrictions that will be put on this drug.

In a recent position paper released by the Ontario wing of the Canadian Mental Health Association, it is suggested that smoking marijuana in cars should be banned, that the amount of THC in marijuana products be capped and that all tax revenues earned from the sales of marijuana be used for addiction and mental health services.

The provincial government recognizes that caps and restrictions will be needed, hinting, for example, that the age of majority for use will be 19. The provincial government also plans to embark on a strong advertising campaign before the drug is legalized to warn potential users that marijuana use can be harmful to people under 25.

Other regulations may also be imposed, particularly on growers, distributors and retail sellers.

Currently, many companies are gearing up for the legalization of marijuana by establishing grow operations throughout Canada and planning for distribution.

These companies will need legal advice going forward so that they understand the regulations related to growing the drug and selling it.

Accordingly, it will be important over the next year to closely follow the development of the law and it will be our goal to continue to keep readers apprised of new developments.

Stephen Thiele

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